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Devon derives its name from Dumnonia, which, during the British Iron Age, Roman Britain, and Early Medieval was the homeland of the Dumnonii Brittonic Celts.

The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain resulted in the partial assimilation of Dumnonia into the Kingdom of Wessex during the eighth and ninth centuries.

Edit: As I kept on reading, I realized one can use Kanai's cube to reroll stats of a legendary item (which The Fist actually is), but will the reroll take in account new stats?

Edit 2: As no-one can actually predict the future and how Blizzard solves this issue, I would like to know how this was dealt with in the past.

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Devon was constituted as a shire of the Kingdom of England thereafter.

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Legendaries can be rerolled to their new stats at the cube as well.

I don't have links to support this so I will not make an answer unless I find them.

Or do I have to find another after the patch kicks in, as the one I have doesn't have the stats changed?

That, along with the idea that 45% damage is already incorporated would explain why the left hit less hard.

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