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Testing these expanded versus contracted poses showed that profiles with the expansive body language pictures were 27 percent more likely to get picked for a “yes” match.Subsequent testing showed that this effect held for both men and women.They evaluated the nonverbal behaviors of male-female pairs of speed daters and compared aspects of that behavior to who was picked for a date.

The group explored the role that body language plays in present-day speed dating and online matching (scenarios in which people make decisions about potential partners after brief interactions of only minutes or seconds).The information we communicate nonverbally, through our body language, is an important aspect of dating and relating.As I have discussed in previous articles, the right body language can help get you noticed by a potential date or mate.Nevertheless, this may not be a strategy for everyone.Sometimes such expansive poses can feel uncomfortable or inauthentic, especially for individuals who are shy or introverted.

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