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“I was hoping to get 50 books published by the time I quit, but I didn’t quite get there.” suggested that Simmons write a history piece for him.

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He also has been known to keep up with current events by hooking up a portable TV to his truck battery.

Trips with his family while still a juvenile, including visits to Santa Fe and Taos, hooked him on New Mexico.

After receiving a degree in Latin American studies with a major in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin, he began graduate studies at The University of New Mexico, focusing on the Southwest’s Spanish colonial period.

Retired ‘New Mexican’ columnist Marc Simmons takes a break Friday at his off-the-grid adobe home near Cerrillos.

The longtime historian says he’s “through with writing.” Luis Sánchez Saturno/The New Mexican Historian Marc Simmons takes a walk Friday on his property near Cerrillos.

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