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Thanks to Pep Aguilar; More native german language replaced previous one I intially packaged.Thanks to Joachim Schlosser, CSS of captcha elements is seperated.executive Klaus Brauer – who helped guide the planemaker’s product development efforts – said in a blog post is “still the biggest discriminator in passenger satisfaction.” The possibility of that has receded sharply as airlines combat overcapacity, with 80.4 percent of seats filled industrywide last year, compared with 73.5 percent in 2004, according to the International Air Transport Association.

For this you need to add a file in 'osol Captcha/non Core Forms' can check 'virtuemart.php' to see how to set regexp for any non core form.Sydney – Most people have a few things they won’t board a plane without. Petersen belongs to a small army of independent airline reviewers who fly around the world intent on gleaning information he says many carriers have “abdicated from providing” – such as the amount of legroom on offer in coach.The inside track on cabin layouts has become a hot commodity in an industry where fist fights have broken out over the “right to recline” and the number of spare seats has dropped almost 10 percent in a decade, reducing the odds of being able to stretch out into an empty berth.Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has three blocks of three seats in each economy row, providing a mathematically greater chance of free-seat nirvana compared with the 2-5-2 of earlier planes.“Row arrangements dramatically influence the probability of having an empty seat next to you,” Brauer said.

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