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fit=604,403&ssl=1" / Are you basing your tech startup’s marketing plan on assumptions or data?A wrong assumption can be toxic for any marketing strategy.It’s going to take some research and resources to validate the assumptions you’re basing your marketing launch on.It is helpful to validate assumptions using a series of questions that can be answered using market research and data mining.You’ll also want to work your way to broader assumptions eventually.Of course, most startups don’t have the resources to spend time investigating every assumption.

Some buy a domain name to build out their company brand on the world wide web, while others have been steadily buying domain names like a real estate investor.

All sites may have Lead generation forms, pay per call toll free numbers and pay per click ads woven into the content and creative assets.

Not only will the customer visiting the page see an extremely profession site, Astoria builds the sites to have SEO value as well.

This is a free rate comparing portal site and one main area of revenue opportunity is in the Auto Financing category.

The end result is a fine example of what a domain owner could expect when working with Astoria.

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