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The task was by no means straightforward, and many problems —largely of a civil engineering nature—had to be overcome before the runway could be built.

The site chosen, on a great lava plain, is a pilot's and a controller's dream: eleven miles from the centre of Nairobi (the city's two other airports, Eastleigh and Nairobi West, are closer), its approaches are free from any obstruction for at least 17 miles in any direction.

The surface at the time was strong enough to accept the Boeing 707 at maximum gross weight, although 15,000 ft rather than 10,000 ft length was the probable all-weather length requirement.

There was no physical limit to extending the paved length to this figure, but more definite plans for the operation of the big jets into Kenya was required before such an increase was contemplated.

And although Embakasi was designed to meet Nairobi's particular needs, both airports shared a lightness and spaciousness that was at the time extraordinarily refreshing.

The fitting and colour schemes employed at the then Embakasi Airport were absolutely first-class.

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There were 25 ft shoulders each side; and consequently 150 ft run-offs beyond the shoulders.

After cambering, weak spots were reset, and finally paving machinery was used to lay the asphalt surface.

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Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the busiest airport in East Africa and a major hub of avaition activity for the region.

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