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In addition, the Hausner brothers and Dieteman would set fires to trash piles and palm trees, as well as beat transients.

I don't have to worry about them looking I get too paranoid of somebody walking toward me and while I'm trying to aim they're frickin' gonna see me, or much see me but see the gun stickin' out wrong or somethin' and be able to give a description.

Although Hausner and Dieteman have not been mentioned by name on Criminal Minds yet, Reid names the Phoenix, Arizona, serial killings as an example of when two different independent serial killers have been active in the same geographical area in The Last Word.

They also appear to have provided some inspiration for The Hollow Man, one of the independent serial killers featured in the episode; all three killed their victims in drive-by shootings and committed their murders simultaneously to that of other serial killers.

When Blayne picked up her first car, she knew that she wasn't going to be able to string up ornaments on the rearview mirror and expect it to run.

This piece of machinery has a long story full of ...

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