Did ryan leslie dating cassie

But hey, would you give up a chance to be on TV and signed to one of the biggest moguls in hip hop? Danity Kane did eventually earn a number 1 album, however, they too never ended up being as big as tv watchers thought they would.Aubrey, who would eventually end up being the only break out star, along with Dawn would end up being the only 2 that semi lasted through some kind of career.Eventually, Babs and Chopper decided to leave the group, while Ness would stay and be a writer for Diddy on his 2006 album, “Press Play.’ They still make music individually, but I think it’s safe to say that once the fans become accustomed to you being on a reality show, there is no way to convert to being a solo artist in the hip hop game, that happens only in pop music and country. 112 Just when Diddy’s label Bad Boy was on top of the game, he went and signed Atlanta group 112.They were heavily talked about as the next Boyz 2 Men.Since her couple of songs (which I find myself secretly singing on the low when I hear them) “Long Way to Go,’ and “Me and You” Cassie hasn’t had much success as a solo artist.She has been overshadowed by just being Diddy’s permanent side piece trophy.Due to Puff’s lack of interest in pushing her album “Faithfully,” in 2004 she left the label in and signed with Capitol Records.

Though she is sort of back in the spotlight from the show, and she had a smash album back in 2005, Faith never became the next Queen of R&B as people said that she would. Da Band The original “lets form a hip hop supergroup and film it for a reality show” group Da Band never really got off the ground as a group or in their solo careers neither.Despite being away from music for years, Cassie sounds just as good as she did in the past and Young Gerald drops a quality verse."I'd rather lose a lover than to love a loser, yeah/Damn, that was my baby, thought we had a future, aye/Next to all these options I would always choose her/But she's fragile, feels like every place I touch, I bruise her, aye/Delicate, I fell back, I can't tell if it/Really hope that hurts, she told me she been celibate/Said nobody made her feel the way I did/I felt a bit, a little bit conflicted/I heard she had someone new she was messing with, fuck/I can not tell, I think I'm under her spell," G-Eazy raps.It isn't known if the singer's new song "Love a Loser" is off a specific upcoming project or if it's serving as a loose single for now.A few years back, Rob was seen heavy in the blogs claiming that Bad Boy had “left him for dead after his bid in prison.He claims while he was in jail, Bad Boy even went as far as taking his name off of their website.

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