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A young painter and a writer come together over 24 hours and must confront their past to forge a relationship.Although it barely registered as a blip on the indie-film radar, Particles of Truth should find an appreciative audience on DVD.Starring Elster and the terrific actor Gale Harold, best known for his portrayal of sexual predator Brian on Showtime's QUEER AS FOLK, the film follows a very eventful 48 hours in the life of a painter on the eve of both her first big gallery show and, perhaps, the first honest relationship of her life.On the way, PARTICLES OF TRUTH takes us from downtown to uptown and back again, weaving a narrative about love, family, trust and ultimately facing one's self.

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Struggling to move beyond her painful family history, she finds herself forced to confront her dying father and pursued by a reclusive, obsessive-compulsive young writer (Gale Harold of Queer as Folk) who works out of his SUV, carting around a heavy load of his own family baggage. Lilli Black (Jennifer Elster), battling her painful memories and the secrets surrounding her dying father, collides into the complicated and obsessive life of Morrison Wiley (Gale Harold) on the streets of New York City.This peculiar love story exposes Lilli's internal bouts and her nightmarish "bad luck".It's very exciting." When I asked for a brief synopsis of the film, she told me that it is about life, love and the fear of failing. "Gale was a real nice guy and great actor," he said. Helfer, Timothy Rowe, Francine Myles, Robert Myles, Brenda Schonaut, Jane Shonaut and Steve Schonaut. Notes on the Cast: Veteran actors Larry Pine and Leslie Lyles play Mr. Larry Pine has done a number of feature films, including last year's .Background: In 2001, Jennifer Elster wrote, directed and produced the indie films "Dirty" (a horrific Lynchian dreamscape referencing anxiety around the death of the main character's father), "Ill Will" (where two maladjusted individuals cross paths on a NYC subway ride and banter for control) and "Proudflesh," which examines the lives of eight different individuals, taking the viewer on a bizarre journey into their addictions to youth, fears, drugs, lying, religion, sex, useless conversations, and psychosis, leading to a unanimous facing the truth" climax. given the parallels in their respective storylines. Ill Will (2001) featured Richard Wilkinson as "Will" opposite J. He has appeared in over 100 stage plays including Mac Beth and a variety of comedic parodies...

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