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Los padecientes, la primera novela de Gabriel Rolón, es un thriller psicológico que lleva algo de luz a los umbrales de las relaciones humanas sin por eso perder de vista dos características que lo convierten en un libro vibrante: su pulso cinematográfico y el vértigo de un policial que corta el aliento.

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At the time of Muhammad's birth, few would have suspected that Arabia would soon become the focal point of a great religion and empire.

Based on the autobiographical novel by Cielo Latini, the film tells the story of a teenager who falls in love and starts dating an older man whom she met on the Internet. See full summary » The Red String of Fate, also referred to as the Red String of Marriage, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend. See full summary » For three years, 500 Spaniards endured the attack of the indigenous natives in the south of Chile. This is the story of those brave men and women and their incredible journey to freedom. Huberman arrives at the hotel section of Bosque de Mar in search of a delightful and fruitful solitude.

Little does he imagine that he will soon be involved in the complex relationships...

The only thing that stands out is the Angela Torres performance, who leaves behind the performances of the main characters interpreted by Benjamín Vicuña and Eugenia Suárez.

Una noche, una joven de 27 años llega a su consultorio y le formula un pedido bastante par ticular.

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