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Like all attempts to have it both ways, it means they have the draw-backs of both and the advantages of neither.Skintight suits have the advantage of being about as encumbering as a wearing leotards, they are quick to put on, and puncturing them just gives you a space-hickey instead of certain death.Low pressure means you have to do a few hours of pre-breathing or the suit will kill you with The Bends.Which is a problem if an emergency strikes and you don't a few hours.To avoid this the astronaut must do pre-breathing for a couple of hours.If you go from a high-pressure habitat module into a high-pressure space suit the bends does not happen.Also known as atmosphere suit, vac suit, pressure suit, space armor, environment(al) suit, e-suit, EVA suit. Clarke said Current NASA suits look like baggy inflated coveralls with a large back pack and a spherical fishbowl over the head.Often in old illustrations there are accordion bellows at the joints.

The low budget show Space Academy had "Life Support Bracelets" and the Star Trek Animated series had force-field based "Life Support Belts" as a cheapskate way to avoid the special effect expense of renting or drawing an actual space suit.Soft suits also take forever to put on, they fight your every movement (making EVA work very fatiguing), and if you tear the suit skin you will die horribly in about 90 seconds.When I say "fight your every movement" I mean "raise the energy expenditure to do a task by about 400%".This is why high-pressure space suits are called "zero-prebreathe" suits.I suppose some space-faring nation could use low-pressure pure-oxygen habitat modules to avoid pre-breathing with low-pressure space suits, but that would be insanely dangerous.

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