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The bus stop at Pevensey Bay Road was checked again with no sign of anyone and the Crumbles retail park was also very quiet - the awful weather must be keeping everyone at home.The Wish Tower was then checked with nothing to report other than the two cars that were parked up and on our arrival drove off swiftly when approached by us.

This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services.No persons were seen, no damage occurred and an area search was conducted.Furthermore, the Veritek building in Hampden Park as well as St Wilfrids Hospice were both visited, these have been known locations for gatherings causing anti-social behaviour.A group of youths have been causing damage to the building inside and out, however, again no one was found.We then headed over to Victoria Drive to take a look at the Ladies Bowls Club where we found a shed that had been broken into with the glass smashed over the Bowls green, and evidence of a lot of drinking due to the amount of beer cans scattered everywhere.

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