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Sean has battled a series of demons over the years, including drug use, drinking, rehab, lawsuits and assault charges.

star is now dating the 24-year-old heir to Anheuser-Busch Jacob Busch, E! The twosome was seen packing on the PDA Tuesday night while attending Star Magazine Scene Stealers event at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where Maloof, 52, was promoting her Zing vodka brand while posing for pics and showing off her new beau. News has learned that Busch and Maloof initially met at Robert Shapiro's event in honor of his late son Brent at The Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills on Sept.

"They talk about Sean's generosity and Brandi says she's the same way.

Paul Nassif in November 2012 after 10 years of marriage, Adrienne Maloof has already found herself a new man — a much younger new man! 21 that the star, 51, is dating Sean Stewart, the 32-year-old son of rocker Rod Stewart. The public dispute included abuse allegations and arguments of custody of their three sons, Gavin, 9, and twins Colin and Christian, 6."You're an actor and could not even get through that without laughing! Sean "I've done enough drugs to kill Hollywood." He reiterates that he'd never go back to that and he wouldn't change the past because it made him who he is today. And then became friends and then things happened."Brandi: "How was the sex? Brandi brings up that he said nasty things about her on TMZ. She says, "I said you were too cute, I thought your relationship was a hoax, I didn't buy it. "Sean: "Doggie style."Brandi: "How was Adrienne's ass? She's got a great ass."Brandi then goes on about Adrienne again. I think that we have some unresolved issues I don't think she's a bad person, i just hate the whole going to a tabloid with a big story to try to hurt me and my children. Fight fair, don't talk about my children when you've met them one time and don't bring them into an issue you're having with me. Even on twitter, anyone mentions my kids and i lose my shit. "Brandi asks Sean how his brother Ashley (Hamilton) is doing. No one says what they're really thinking because of social media, they're afraid of tabloid backlash and all this unimportant shit and we're all uninteresting people now.It didn't seem genuine to me." Sean chimes in that he bought Adrienne two Birkin bags. I was saying this to my producer Art, I said 'you know we have to be careful now'.."Sean jumps in "because people without money will sue you so they have some money" and Brandi (not missing a chance to bring up Adrienne for ninety billionth time) says "or people who already have money will sue you.Sean was a guest on Brandi Glanville's podcast this week and she grilled him about everything from dating Adrienne to what their sex life was like. She even dishes on Adrienne's attempted take-down of Lisa Vanderpump.Brandi also touched on her issues with Adrienne and so much more, even sharing that she's going to be working with Make-A-Wish and doesn't believe in A. Brandi started off the interview/chat/flirtfest explaining that she reached out to Adrienne to offer her the chance to give her side on anything Sean had to say, but she responded immediately with a firm NO.

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