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A source said: ‘He will need some lessons, but very few, as riding for ceremonial purposes is very different from haring around on a polo field.’ Those who marry in a church sign a book – the register – which is passed to the local register office once full.

But churches typically contact the office before that so records can be updated.

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Applicable professional degrees may include a Ph D, MD, MSW, or MA, Masters in MFT.

Beneficial Boundary Crossings While from the analytical point of view almost all boundary crossings are detrimental to the transference analysis and the clinical work, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, Rational-Emotional, humanistic, existential, group, feminist, Ericksonian and family system psychotherapies often endorse many forms of helpful boundary crossings (Lazarus, 1994; Williams, 1997).

Additionally, boundary crossing, when executed with the clients' welfare in mind, is likely to enhance therapeutic alliance, the best predictor of therapeutic outcome.

Most importantly, it will suggest ways to increase clinical effectiveness by appropriately incorporating beneficial boundary crossing interventions into our clinical practices.

Defining Boundaries Boundary issues mostly refer to the therapist's self-disclosure, touch, exchange of gifts, bartering and fees, length and location of sessions and contact outside the office (Guthiel & Gabbard, 1993).

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